What No One Tells you about Zillow Marketing Tactics

Zillow has been marketing to the general public for years.   They often times used deceptive marketing to assist real estate agents in obtaining buyers for properties that are on the market today.   The data that is given to them and is then put on the website can be very questionable at times.   Below is a link with resources that will assist you in understanding why many real estate investors don’t agree with Zillow Marketing Tactics

Here are some examples of these practices by Zillow

This BiggerPockets Post is from 2012.  Please review the comments that are as recent as 2017

This NBC post from Chicago is another complaint on behalf of Zillow

Woodtv is another post regarding how Zillow lists properties deceptively. The goal is to attract potential buyers

These are just 3 Websites.  If you do your own Google search you will find lots of regarding this issue.

This is 1 of the areas many real estate investors stay away from.   Just be careful