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Successful real estate investors must keep up with rapidly changing market trends, newly emerging opportunities, and be able to predict what consumers will be looking for. It’s a highly competitive field and requires a great deal of analysis to make the right choices in a constantly changing environment.

PropStream real estate software can help. It’s a powerful tool for investors, with a great deal of customization and numerous features to help you, the real estate investor, analyze deals before they’re even on the market for others to find.

This tool is unique in that it brings many traditional tools used in real estate together, along with new and exciting tools that are exlcusive to PropStream. Price analysis is only one aspect of this powerful software platform. You won’t have to maintain numerous memberships to a bunch of platforms in order to access all the tools you need. They’re all at your fingertips with PropStream.

By combining all these services, you’ll be able to work more efficiently to evalute properties from all perspectives. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of all the features of PropStream, as well as tell you about the opportunity for a free trial and what PropStream costs.

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PropStream Features

Here are some of the features of PropStream and what you’ll be able to achieve using this powerful real estate software.

Detailed Property Profiles

PropStream provides you with details for any specific property you seach for. You’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision from PropStream: cost and transaction history, ownership details, the current mortgage situation, tax info, and physical information, including details about the number of rooms, bathrooms, and acreage. You’ll get information about foreclosure status as well, including the exact status of any foreclosure proceedings. Reports and other documents available about the property will also be available to you through Propstream.

Customizable Home Search Options

With PropStream, you can customize your COMPS search by refining the search criteria, allowing you to hone in on exactly the kinds of properties you’re looking for. Search options include number of rooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, last date of sale, and more. You’ll get a list that shows you all of the properties meeting your criteria. PropStream generates these results with multiple MLS, so you’ll get the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Not only can you see all the property details, you’ll be able to see surrounding property profiles, neighborhood information, and the MLS listings.

Generating Targeted Market Lists

You can filter property listings by many different options to find one that fits your needs. PropStream provides filters for foreclosures, auctions, vacant properties, properties with liens, free and clear properties, high equity properties, and properties with bankruptcy filings, along with MLS active, failed, and expired listings. No matter what you’re looking for, PropStream costs less time in the search process since you can do everything in one place. PropStream generates lists that are targeted to the market areas you specify, helping you identify properties quickly, often before they’re even in the MLS. You can find properties that are in the process of foreclosure, properties with liens attached, properties belonging to people filing for divorce, and more, all with just a few clicks to set up your requirements. PropStream will provide you with the targeted lists you need fast, allowing you to focus on the fast-moving market and making profitable decisions.

Contact Owners Easily

Getting in touch with the owner of a property that’s caught your interest can often be difficult. Owner information isn’t always readily available, and tracking people down is often time-consuming. PropStream simplifies this process for you with its Skip Tracing feature. The software will automatically gather all the information that’s publicly available for a property owner, including name, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and any other public records such as court orders. With this information all accessible in one place, you’ll be able to send a message via voicemail, email, or physical mail quickly and easily. PropStream’s cost becomes worth it with just the time you’ll save with this feature. Time is money, especially in real estate investment. Use your time as efficiently as possible with PropStream.

Lead Management

Keep track of your leads with the same software that you use for property search with PropStream. It has automation features that will help you keep in touch with your prospects at regular intervals that are fully customizable. Staying on top of sending out messages will make it more likely that prospects will get back to you, making it easier and faster to turn potential clients into actual clients. PropStream’s automation will also help you maintain your current business relationships by sending customizable, personalized messages, which will bring you more referrals by keeping you in the foreground of your contacts’ minds.

Access to Nationwide MLS Properties

One of PropStream’s cost and time-saving features is that it provides you with access to MLS properties nationwide. Access to local MLS properties is limited to licensed realtors in the area, and so if you don’t have a license or are doing business nationwide, you’re limited in what you’re able to access. However, PropStream grants you access to listings that are active, pending, and even expired on the nationwide MLS. This unique feaature gives you far more opportunities to find the properties that are right for you and your business.

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Cost Estimates

PropStream cost estimates will help you determine how much you’ll have to spend on property repairs and what the likely market value will be once you’ve had repairs done. You can save a lot of time and money when you don’t have to send in a contractor or a team of contractors to assess a property and create an estimate.

PropStream’s unique software allows you to input the specific repairs that a property will need, and it will do the work of determining costs. You can indicate whether you’ll be hiring professionals, doing repairs yourself, and what materials you’ll be using, and the system will determine your costs based on local market rates. Get an estimate for electrical work, plumbing, roofing, flooring, and more. You’ll get an accurate picture of what your true costs will be for a given property. It’s an accurate estimation tool that will also provide After Repair Value. This information will help you make sure you’re getting a fair rate from a contractor and will let you know just want to expect once you make a purchase and begin renovations.

Analysis Wizard

Analysis is a huge part of real estate investment. Accurately analyzing market data is vital to make sure that your investment will pay off. PropStream has a number of analytical tools that you’ll undoubtedly find valuable in your work, but the Analysis Wizard is worth highlighting. It automates the process, providing you with a simple way to look at detailed information about every aspect of a potential transaction. It will help you see different market overviews, including surrounding property sale prices, the specific home features that are boosting prices, and overall market trends and performance. With all the data available through PropStream and the Analysis Wizard to crunch it all for you, you’ll be set up to make sound investment decisions with ease.

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Marketing Features

Analysis is one piece of the real estate puzzle, and marketing is another. PropStream can help you with both. With its unique marketing features, you’ll be able to set up email campaigns, send customized postcards, and manage online ad campaigns, all of which can help you reach prospective clients and maintain your relationship with existing clients. You can easily leave voicemails for clients without even having to pick up your own phone. In these days it’s vital to have a strong online presence, and PropStream can help you design and implement custom landing pages for your website that will help you attract and retain clients. These individual landing pages are a great way to target individual market niches separately, attracting those clients who are looking for something specific and keeping them focused when they visit your site.

How Much Does PropStream Cost?

Above we’ve outlined some of the many reasons that PropStream is the best software out there for real estate investors. You can probably see that it would be a huge benefit to your business. Of course, you want to know what PropStream costs. There are, after all, many different real estate software tools available. Why should you invest in PropStream?

Propstream costs $97 a month. This may seem high at first, but consider how much you could end up paying, in both time and money, for many of the tools that PropStream makes available to you all in one place. Between listing information, owner information, and client communications, you’ll need to use a lot of different tools to do the same things that PropStream can do on its own.

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Why Choose PropStream

Many of the other real estate tools on the market are free to use, and they’ll provide some useful data, including price points, some location information, and sometimes even property value estimates. Other tools can provide foreclosure information. However, even though many of these tools are free at first, they often keep the most useful information behind a paywall, or they’ll only provide that information to licensed realtors. You need to gather all this information from different sources, which takes up a lot of time and often  you’ll find yourself making redundant queries for just one additional piece of data.

With PropStream, you’ll have access to all these tools in one place, along with many other features to help you with other aspects of your business, such as marketing and client communications. One of the best reasons to choose PropStream is access to the nationwide MLS—something you can’t get with any of the free tools available. Complex searches are far easier, and with access to off-market opportunities, you’ll be ahead of the competition. The time and money you’ll save will far outweigh PropStream’s cost in the long run.

If you’re just starting out in the real estate investment world, PropStream can give you the edge you need to find your niche and hone your competitive edge. It provides a world of data and the tools with which to analyze that data, easily and efficiently, so that you can thoroughly explore your options and build your investment business wisely.

If you’re already established in real estate, PropStream can get straight to work for you, letting you focus your time on your strengths by streamlining your search and communications process.

Whether you already have a strong network of lenders, contractors, and wholesalers, you’ve established yourself as a DIY expert, or you’re just starting out, PropStream will fit right into your business operations.

PropStream Free Trial

If this article hasn’t convinced you that PropStream is the right real estate software for you, why not let it convince you itself? With its free trial period, you’ll have five days to explore all of its features and decide whether it will give you the edge you’re looking for.

The real estate market has never been more competitive. Anything that can give you a leg up will help you build your business and make smart investment choices more easily than ever. If you’re concerned about what PropStream costs, try it out for yourself to see the value that it has to offer. It opens up real estate investment options that you couldn’t find on your own without spending a great deal of time—and time is money! If you invest in PropStream, the cost will prove immaterial once you’re investing with confidence. Let PropStream’s search capabilities and communication features boost your business and help you stay ahead in this competitive market.

Propstream Free Trial

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