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Birdog Bot

Finding good deals is hard work. You have to attend open houses, drive around looking for For Sale By Owner signs, and spend hours combing through MLS listings.

Birddog Bot solves this problem by automating your search for leads. It searches the internet 24/7 for new properties that meet your criteria and sends you an email when it finds one!

This bot uses a combination of artificial intelligence with human oversight to deliver only the best deals directly to your inbox each day. We also include helpful information like pictures of the property from Google Street View, links to Zillow or Realtor pages so you can find out more about the neighborhood and nearby schools, as well as our opinion on whether we think it’s worth pursuing or not!

Rehab Valuator

Rehabbing a property is risky and expensive. You can easily waste thousands of dollars on renovation projects that don’t pay off.

The rehab valuator software will help you avoid those common mistakes by showing you exactly which renovations to make, and which ones to avoid. It’ll keep you within budget and focused on your profit margin.

This real estate investor software takes the guesswork out of real estate investing. By using this free tool before making any investment decisions, you’ll be able to save yourself from costly mistakes while improving your chances for success! Click here now to download it today!

real estate investing tools


Finding the right real estate investment opportunities has never been easy. The market is constantly changing and there are so many different factors to consider when deciding where to invest your money.

The best way to stay on top of the latest trends in real estate investing is by using a comprehensive platform that provides you with all of the information you need, all in one place. That’s why we created Propstream- so you can find new properties faster than ever before!

Our online database gives users access to thousands of commercial properties across every state in America, including contact info for each property owner and broker as well as detailed financials about how much an investor could expect to earn from each deal. Plus, our app allows investors to search through deals on-the-go while they’re looking at potential investments during their daily commutes or while traveling around town. Whether they’re looking for office space or retail locations, our proprietary technology will help them find exactly. Check out The 7 Day Free Trail Here

Investor Carrot

As a real estate agent or investor, you’re competing with thousands of other agents and investors for attention. You need an online presence that stands out from the crowd to get noticed by home buyers and sellers.

But traditional websites are nothing but business cards on steroids. They don’t give you any way to convert leads into clients or customers into repeat customers. And they certainly aren’t optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing so it takes forever to rank in search results – if your site even shows up at all!

We created Evergreen Marketing because we were tired of seeing our clients struggle to attract new prospects online just like us… So we built an entire suite of marketing tools designed around one simple goal… To help you build your brand, connect with more people, generate more leads & close more sales faster than ever before possible.

Vacant House Bank

Vacant houses are a HUGE problem in America. In fact, every year there is an estimated 7 million vacant homes and most of these properties are not owned by people with bad intentions.

The best way to deal with this issue is to simply take action!

This new program will show you exactly how to  fund, flip & profit from vacant houses even if you have a credit score as low as 350.


This is a review of real estate Investor lead generation and tools for beginner investors.


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