Is it Brisbane’s Time FINALLY? – 3 things that scream YES! –


Are you a Brisbane property investor like me who has been bitterly disappointed as other property markets continue to outperform?


Have you been lured in by the headlines each and every year, about this year being the year for Brisbane, only to see it miss out again?

Well I can assure you that you are not alone.

It is almost like Brisbane is the bridesmaid or the ugly stepsister compared to our other capital cities.

Is the Brisbane property market finally going to corner and deliver for us patient investors?

CoreLogic certainly thinks so…


After a poor few years, it appears as though Brisbane is certainly about to hit its stride with a forecast of 10% growth for the year ahead by CoreLogic.

Sure! You’ve heard that before right?….  so, what is different this time around you may be thinking?

Here are my thoughts…