How to make $10,000 Wholesaling Houses with No Equity

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Wholesaling houses with no equity

So let’s say for instance, you’re targeting a nice area of town. Let’s say the properties in the area go for $250,000.  The property is a three bedroom, two bath house, 2000 square feet, nice little area town.  Monthly mortgage payment on something like that let’s say it’s a say a $1,700 a month.  You let the seller know you can give him his price if he can be flexible on payments.  So what you’re going to do is you’re going to negotiate a lease option with the seller.  Often times I get asked why would a seller agree to sell a property on payments.   Sellers do things for different reasons.

It can be a situation where the seller has to leave town for a Job Opportunity and already has a house where he/she is going to move to therefore having 2 house payments is not the smartest thing to do.   It could also be a situation where the property just doesn’t have enough equity to pay a real estate agent, there fore the property can not be sold the traditional way through a real estate agent.   By simply asking would a seller be open to payments you’d be shocked at what many sellers are open to doing.   Below is a detailed video of how to make these deals profitable.


How to make $10,000 Wholesaling Houses with No Equity

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