How to Get Land for Free (Step by Step)

I wanted to go ahead and share with you all an aspect of land investing that I stumbled across by accident and show you how to get land for Free.  About 2 years ago i set a a seller website where people can contact me from all over the US.   These are owners who have vacant lots that are stuck in a situation that I had no clue were motivated.   The sellers that were contacting me owned properties that were part of an association.

As many of us know that monthly association fee can add up quickly over time.   The interesting thing about this situation is I had no Idea that people in this situation had even the slightest desire to sell their land lot.   As I began to email some of these sellers back and talk to them many of them were so sick and tired of paying association fees.   I began to realize that they were looking to go ahead and sell their properties for deeply discounted prices. Some were even willing to sell their properties for free.   So to give you a real life example my last deal that I have is out of Tennessee.

The property is roughly a quarter of an acre in a Lake Community that also has access to a private Golf Course.  I received this lead from my website.   When i opened the email i noticed the seller filled out the information form.  As I was scrolling through the information I noticed that the price he put was $10?   A couple of hours had passed and I had emailed him back to ask what price he wanted for this property.

Usually when people fill out the information form $10 means $10,000 or even a $1000.   He said $10 dollars.  Needless to say we closed the deal asap so I ended up acquiring that property for $10.  Then it dawned on me.   People that own vacant lots in associations is a great way to acquire properties for Free.   Below is a video that will give you further detail as to how to acquire properties in these private associations for free.

How To Get Land for Free (Step by Step)