Real Estate Investment: Sell Your House Faster Using Unique Curb Appeal

The front of a house is the first thing a potential buyer sees. It is also the last part of the property they experience as they leave. This means you can often get the biggest bang for your buck by adding some dazzling touches to the front of an investment house. Below, you will find five unique ways to add great curb appeal to the house(s) you are trying to sell so you can generate more interest and maximize the profit you receive from your real estate investment(s).

1. Add a Beautiful Mural To the Garage Door

Almost nothing adds more eye-catching appeal to a home than an unique hand-painted mural on the garage door. Beautiful seascapes, sunset scenes, gardens with colorful flowers and hummingbirds, a road framed by old mature trees, lighthouses on a rocky shore, sea mammals doing acrobatic movements, wildlife native to the area, regional themes such as a southwestern motif, waterfalls splashing into a tranquil stream, and underwater sea scenes will all attract a wide variety of potential buyers to your real estate investment. To find an artist to paint your mural, ask business owners in your area that have murals on their business buildings who painted their murals. Alternately, for a cheaper price, ask the art departments at local or regional colleges to make recommendations of students or recent graduates who may be looking to gain high impact freelance work. Always ask to see all artists’ portfolios before making a final selection.

2. Add a Prominent Unique Door Knocker

Adding a unique one of a kind door knocker handcrafted by an artist is an excellent way to give a house unique charm and quick sales appeal. Door knockers can be sculpture of an elegant mythical creature, Celtic knots, geometrical abstractions, or an elegant animal like a horse, butterfly, lion, or owl. Make sure that the door knocker you choose reinforces the style of the home. For example, if you are selling a stately modern house, consider adding a shiny solid brass, bronze or nickel silver knocker. On the other hand, if you are selling a beach cottage, consider adding a mermaid, ship anchor, starfish, sand dollar, a ship, or another nautical themed door knocker.

3. Add Bold Unique House Numbers

First, just adding bigger and bolder house numbers will make the house you are trying to sell really stand out in the neighborhood. However, you can take this a step further by adding house numbers that are one of a kind originals. To find an artist to help you, visit your local flea markets, craft fairs, and farmers markets and meet directly with the artists you see at these venues whose work you really like. Tell them about your house and what feeling you wish to convey but also give them enough flexibility that they can give you ideas you may never have thought of on your own. They may be able to also add a unique frame to your house numbers that will turn them into a complete piece of artistic masterpiece. Artists may also have a favorite medium that can add unique texture appeal. These include tiles, colored glass, stones, ceramics, and metal works.

4. Add a Unique Wind Chime

Curb appeal does not need to be limited to visual appeal. Unique beautiful sounds can also attract potential buyers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a unique wind chime to the front of the house. Larger bamboo wind chimes with several bamboo pipes seem to have a particularly soothing quality that really appeals to most people. After you select your bamboo wind chimes, you could also have them hand-painted to make them more unique. For example, on each bamboo pipe, you could have one of the most common songbirds seen in the area painted.

5. Add Sweet Fragrances To the Front Yard

While human beings are generally thought of as being primarily visual creatures, our sense of smell often provokes stronger emotional responses more than our sight. Since the decision as to whether or not to buy a house is often motivated by emotions, it makes sense that you should try to positively appeal to potential buyers’ sense of smell! To select the best fragrance producing flowers and other plants, go to your local nurseries and talk with the staff about what fragrant plants do best in your area. Try to stagger them by season so you always have something putting off a beautiful fragrance every season. Tell them you want something that will give off a very noticeable and pleasant fragrance and will also have visual appeal.
Good luck in selling your house(s)!

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