Real Estate Software that will meet every investors needs.

Most real estate experts look at real estate investing as art. The more cautious ones will always keep an eye on their instinctive impulse with the realism of genuine numbers. The implementation of real estate investing software makes this operation less hard that in the past. Any real estate investor should who is thinking of purchasing consider it as a priority. It is no mystery that real estate software has become popular as the industry staple for property administrators and even real estate investment companies. Investors normally love the productive data integration, the money saving and time saving features, the ease of recording, smooth workflow, elimination of repetition and the increased profits. Let us take a look at some of the top real estate software for investors that will cater to every investor’s needs;

Microsoft Excel

This is recommended for investors who create their own original models. Microsoft Excel gives the component for property analysis. Most of the good real estate software offers are based on the Excel. It includes; exceptional financial tools support component calculating IRR, and many other relevant metrics.

CRE Model

This is a really cost-effective asset investment software package deal that calculates the most frequent metrics from small to average investors. The calculations involved include Internal Rate of Return, cash on cash return and Return on Investment. The CRE model is very reliable and convenient because it is an Excel template that an work on both Mac and Windows.


It has two versions of excel-established investment property software. The first version is Express which is recommended for smaller portfolios. It is has the professional version for every income estates even including hotels. It provides detached independent product support lines for Windows and Mac. Additionally, the professional version can provide comparison between individual units and even merge income from different property categories.

Argus Software

This real investment software provides a business-class collection of investment property software tools for commercial companies. Its features include portfolio management, lease management, asset management, and comprehensive budgeting and collaboration capacity.


This investment property software provides extensive management of office and residential properties. It has cash flow projection features and a financial analysis component. The PlanEase software is accessible on Windows PC and also cloud format. Furthermore, it has an additional extension to the base modules that includes the capacity to merge files for portfolio analysis and graphics.

REI Wise

It has the ability to take commercial real estate analysis to the cloud. It is accessible through subscription. The REI Wise application has the Powerbroker collection that comprises of; leasing financial model, marketing tools and investment model. Additionally it has a feature that provides a negotiation platform with a practical deal room and document center.

Realty Analytics

This software evaluates probable investments in commercial, industrial and even residential real estate and comes up with a business plan relevant for implementation in accessing finance. Also, it is an excel-established program which encourages branding for industry experts.


This software is suitable for Windows or Mac and it produces results in either green or red. Once property information is captured, RealBench analyzes customizable standards such as the debt coverage ratio. It has a comparison dashboard that easily measures numerous properties.