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I have dedicated my life to serving investors and other professionals. My name is Gerald Harris. Whatever you need to know, I am here to inform you – and inform you with the correct information! I run House Flipping Tips, the last and only real estate investment guide you will ever need. You set your goals, you figure out what you want to accomplish, and I will guide you the rest of the way, showing you what it takes to succeed as a wholesaler, buy-and-hold investor, or fix-and-flip investor. These are high-value tips that I offer completely free, my gift to you.


I have amassed a following across multiple social media platforms that includes more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 9,000 members in a single Facebook group. For more than fifteen years, I have worked as an investor, real estate agent, and real estate influencer myself, building my reputation on the validity of my information and advice.


It is possible for anyone to pursue a career in a real estate, so long as you have the right level of drive within you. With my free real estate investing tips that  I have to offer, you can be very successful at the business we all know and loved called REAL ESTATE!